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who we are

We are pioneers in cancer management who work to find cures for patients through personalized treatments.

Our mission

Jinfiniti's mission is to improve treatment outcomes and find cures for individual cancers by providing innovative solutions in predictive, preventive and precision medicine. We offer early diagnostic and therapeutic tests for managing treatment throughout the course of a patient's cancer. We continue to innovate and improve as we grow, partner with hospitals and medical institutions, and complete clinical trials.

About Jin-Xiong She, our founder

stomach cancer metastasis to colon

Dr. She is a Professor and Director of the Center for Biotechnology and Genomic Medicine in the Augusta University’s Medical College of Georgia. He is the Turner-Bradley Georgia Research Alliance Eminent Scholar in Genomic Medicine. He is one of the twenty “Georgia Top Medical Researchers” according to the Atlanta Business Chronicle, the only researcher receiving this honor at the Augusta University. Dr. She is an internationally known expert and made seminal contributions to the field of biomarker and drug development for diabetes, diabetic complications and cancer. He has over three decades of experience in running large research and development programs as well as clinical research programs. Dr. She served as assistant director of a CLIA- and ASHI-certified HLA typing laboratory at the University of Florida from 1994 to 2002.

Dr. She also has extensive experience in setting up and running new biotech companies. In 2010, he founded Jinfiniti Biosciences, LLC, a highly profitable Augusta University-based biotech company specialized in providing research services to academic and industrial research organizations. Dr. She served as President and CEO of the company from inception of the company in 2010 to April, 2015. Dr. She serves now as CEO and chief scientific officer (CSO) of Jinfiniti Precision Medicine, Inc.

See his research here.

Our future

Near future: CLIA and clinical trials

Our future is bright. We look forward to clinical trials in the near future, which will establish our TumorAmp℠ and BEATtumor℠ technologies as the cutting edge of precision oncology. We also look forward to our CLIA certification this summer so we can sell our services commercially - not just for research purposes.

Expanding services

Our services will continue to expand with our extensive internal R&D effort and collaborative research with our external partners. Future expansion includes additional oncology tests and drug development.


After establishing ourselves as the de facto leaders in precision oncology, we plan on sharing our diabetes innovations for early diagnosis of patients with diabetic kidney disease.

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