Cancer is a complex collection of diseases with over 1.7 million people diagnosed each year in the US alone. Cancer's complexity requires different treatments for each subtype. Even patients with the same type of cancer respond differently to drugs because they have a mutation or process drugs differently. This need for personalizing treatments has led to a rise in lab tests using patient tumor samples. However, all of these tests struggle with getting enough quality tumor samples to provide reliable and reproducible results.

Jinfiniti solves the problem of getting enough quality tumor samples with our proprietary tumor cell amplification (TumorAmp℠) technology. TumorAmp℠ rapidly produces unlimited number of pure cancer cells and establishes permanent living cancer cells from a variety of specimen types including surgical tissue, tissue biopsy, pap test material, bone barrow biopsy, ascites, pleural effusion and other bodily fluids. This technology enables us to provide reliable diagnostic and therapeutic information to physicians with any number of our downstream tests: SpotTumor℠ for spotting early developing or recurrent tumors, BEATtumor℠ for drug sensitivity testing of large numbers of drugs, or CAMid℠ for identifying actionable mutations.


Rapidly produces large numbers of pure cancer cells from a variety of patient tumor specimens including tissues, biopsies, bone marrow, PAP material, ascites, PE, and other bodily fluids.


BEATtumor℠ can easily evaluate hundreds of drugs and/or drug combinations and is used to select the best approved treatment options for each patient.


CAMid℠ identifies genetic and genomic alterations at higher sensitivity and higher success rate and is enabled by the cancer cell expansion technology


SpotTumor℠ allows sensitive detection of cancer and is enabled by the tumor cell amplification technology


CUPid℠ is the latest service in our pipeline. It's a sensitive cancer classifier that identifies the primary site of difficult-to-diagnose cancers and their subtypes.