Create Limitless Tumor Cells

Jinfiniti is the only company that reliably cultures your tumor cells from patient specimens for limitless storage and personalized testing.

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Breakthroughs in tumor testing

Cancer tests are often inaccurate and even fail to get results 50% of the time. These failures happen when tumor samples are low in quantity or quality. TumorAmp℠ solves this problem by reliably turning a small number of tumor cells into a limitless supply of pure, living cancer cells within two weeks. By a "small number", we mean as little as 10 cancer cells.

Culture almost any sample
  • Resected tumor tissue
  • Biopsy materials
  • PAP test material
  • Pleural effusion
  • Ascites
  • Lymph nodes
  • Bone marrow
  • Other bodily fluids
cancer cell culture
Cancer cells in culture from human connective tissue, illuminated by darkfield amplified contrast, at a magnification of 500x.

A gateway for testing

Jinfiniti solves the problem of getting enough quality tumor samples with our proprietary tumor cell amplification (TumorAmp℠) technology. TumorAmp rapidly produces unlimited number of pure cancer cells and establishes permanent cancer cell lines from a variety of specimen types including surgical tissue, tissue biopsy, pap test material, bone barrow biopsy, ascites, pleural effusion and other bodily fluids. JPM’s technology has nearly 100% success rate from tissues and biopsies, much higher than anyone in the field. We have developed a protocol for cryopreservation of tumor tissues and bodily fluids that are suitable for future creation of cancer cell lines. A repository of patient-derived cancer cell lines is an invaluable resource needed for R&D for biomarkers and drug development in house or with/by big pharma partners. Live tumor banking and creation of patient-derived cancer cell lines can be stand-alone services and can also be used for a variety of subsequent testing services described below: Early diagnosis and early detection of recurrence of cancer, drug sensitivity test, and genetic testing.

If you purify and amplify your tumor cells with us, you will be able to order any of our tests at any time with only one small sample. Send us samples throughout treatment to check on treatment progress with our tests. TumorAmp℠ enables us to provide reliable diagnostic and therapeutic information to physicians with any number of our downstream tests: SpotTumor℠ for spotting early developing or recurrent tumors, BEATtumor℠ for drug sensitivity testing of large numbers of drugs, or CAMid℠ for identifying actionable mutations.

tissue cell culture
Tissue cell culture in a petri dish.

limitless cell lines from limited samples

TumorAmp℠ reliably turns a small number of tumor cells into a limitless supply of pure, living cancer cell lines within two weeks after we receive a sample. By a "small number", we mean as little as 10 cancer cells.

one stop shop for precision oncology

The tests we offer all benefit from TumorAmp℠. We are in a unique position to offer unlimited tests using only one small sample, which is why we are a one stop shop for precision oncology.

After amplifying a patient's tumor sample, there are a few different options to take.

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